Most often asked coaching question ever:

How Do I Decide What To Focus On Next?

Tied for second place are questions like…

  • Where should I spend my time and money?
  • What activities actually make money?
  • How soon after one project gets under way, can I add another?
  • How do I know if a project is really working?
  • What’s my Target Market?
  • What’s my Unique Selling Proposition?
  • How do I overcome Shiny Object Syndrome?
  • What is Entrepreneurial ADD and why do people keep saying I have it?

There are the questions asked by solopreneurs who sense they lack focus.  They ask them because deep down they crave a better sense of direction!


Lack of Focus is a Productivity & Profit Killer

kelly-november-2012Hi, I’m Kelly McCausey and I know all about operating a business without focus and how much better things can be when you finally achieve it!

I made pursuit of focus a major priority in business back in 2005. At the time I chased multiple streams of income in willy-nilly unfocused way.  I was making money, but working too hard.

When I got serious about my target market and identified my true profit earning activities, within a year I made more money while working less.  That’s when my business started to take off.

Ever Since I’ve Been Devoted To Laser Targeted Focus!

That’s why I created The Power of a Focused Business. Solopreneurs need Focus to succeed.

The course includes Eight Audios, PDF Lessons to Follow Along With & Useful Printable Worksheets…

Audio #1: The Big Tree Business Philosophy – I share why doing business this way leads to more profits and fewer work hours.

Audio #2: Finding Your Target Market & USP – When you know your market, you know what to offer them!

Audio #3: Intentional Idea Brainstorming – Ideas are everywhere, but THE idea you need when you need it is something else entirely.

Audio #4: Overcoming Outside Criticism – I’ve got a message to shake you out of being intimidated by those who’d like to scare you into staying right where you are.

Audio #5: Where Do You Go From Here? – You’ll know exactly where to aim your attentions next.

Audio #6: Introduction To Your Offer Funnel – Gain understanding about how to win repeat purchases from your market.

Audio #7: Secrets of Focus –  How do I manage to get so much done?  It’s all about being Focused!

Audio #8: Branch Development 101 –  What makes money and what just takes time?  How do you evaluate new projects and keep your focus?

I’ll Show You A Firm Foundation To Build Your Business On.

By showing you how to achieve Laser Targeted Focus, I’m equipping you for a better business future.


Buy The Power of a Focused Business Now For Only $97!




My Easy Guarantee: You can request a full refund within seven days of your purchase and it will be given – no questions asked!

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